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HCI discussed with Black Doctors.org how banks are breaking the law

HCI discussed with Black Doctors.org how banks are breaking the law

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HCI talks with Chicago Crusader newspaper about bank accountability

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HCI Celebrates our 2014-2015 Graduates

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Baby Bounce Father Shower & Basketball Tournament

Workforce Development Initiatives


To promote services that well prepare  individuals to succeed in the workplace.

Our  vision is accomplished  through a functioning model  aiding the workforce population toward securing and maintaining long term  employment.

To promote job creation, education  and training for real jobs.


A Illinois Department of Human Services funded program, Workforce Development provides job readiness and supportive services.  Clients served are TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) participants.  Services provided are specific to employment and retention and includes topics relative to job search skills, developing appropriate resumes and interest assessments .  The program provides an innovative approach to incorporating soft skills training that address day-to-day practices necessary to overall success in employment retention.  Employment partners provide work place experience up to 90 days which often result in permanent employment.

Supportive service workshops focus on building confidence and self-esteem and are led by career professionals. Employers offer facility tours showcasing career options which provide participants a look at “real world” employment.  These tours are instrumental in developing the career pathway plan necessary for success with long-term employment.  The programs’ overall goal is to provide excellent service to all its participants and partners.


Workforce Development is a funded program of the Department of Human Services and provides services to:

TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). Customers are in­volved in job related training, education and work experience leading to employ­ment.

• SNAPE&T (Supplemental Nutrition Assis- tance Program Employment and Training) Customers are between 18—49 years of age, non-custodian adults receiving food stamps. They are assisted with acquiring work skills and finding employment.


Community Health Workers—training for those interested in working in hospital, clinics and other healthcare agencies. Training made possible through Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity JTED Grant program.

Customer Service—training for individuals interested in working with call centers and other agencies where customer services is the product.


Referrals are:

• Ready to work

• Screened to match specific job openings

• Welfare to Work tax credits for employers

• Bonding providing if required

• Continuous employment mentoring


Gwendolyn Woodard
Director of Workforce Development Initiative
EMAIL: gwoodard@hcionline.org mail
Call: 708-841-9515


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