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HCI discussed with Black Doctors.org how banks are breaking the law

HCI discussed with Black Doctors.org how banks are breaking the law

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HCI talks with Chicago Crusader newspaper about bank accountability

HCI talks with Chicago Crusader newspaper about bank accountability

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Southland Youth Expressions July 25th Health Festival
HCI Celebrates our 2014-2015 Graduates

HCI Celebrates our 2014-2015 Graduates

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Baby Bounce Father Shower & Basketball Tournament


Healthy Start Southeast Chicago would like to welcome you and your family to our program and provide you with a brief overview of our services:

• H

Healthy Start partners are committed to helping the community grow healthy families.

• E

Education on ways to be healthy and stay healthy is our priority.

• A

Although Healthy Start focuses on reaching pregnant women who are at risk and need access to pre-natal care we also teach “mom-to-be’’ the importance of good nutrition.

• L

Low-birth weighs are not good and we will work together to help you have full-term healthy babies.

• T

The benefits provided for you and your family include:

Prenatal care

Education (breast-feeding, nutrition, health, infant care) 




• H

Help Us Help You!!!!!

• Y

You are the source to a healthy start for your family



Develop peer advocates within our Consortium through leadership and development trainings

In reducing infant mortality and low birth rates, Healthy Start Southeast Chicago strives to:

Increase early entry and continue access to prenatal care.

Engage women in prenatal health care practices early in their pregnancy and promote continuum of care.

Educate and support mothers throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period.

Provide an integrated system of health care to women at risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Counsel, screen, and refer women for drug and alcohol dependency, domestic violence, and mental health issues that will impact the health of the mother and child.

Available Services

The following services are provided FREE of charge to eligible pregnant women and their infants who take part in the Southeast Chicago Healthy Start Program:

Education Prenatal
Care Depression
Screening Food Pantry
Counseling Referrals 

Celeste Garcia

Director, Department of Community Health
EMAIL: cgarcia@hcionline.org mail

Call 708-841-9515 x 2494 for more information

Also Visit: www.nationalhealthystart.org


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