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Executive Management Team

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Since our inception in 1991, the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois (HCI) continues to amaze its members and the Chicago Metropolitan Healthcare Market. We have led industry forces and influenced state policies that encourage the creation of collaborative efforts by health and human service providers, which were necessary to survive the shift to managed care. Understand, what began as a concept for care coordination and integrated service delivery by HCI and its members has produced quality programs such as Healtlh Works of Cook County, Advanced Behavioral Care Network, the Southeast Chicago Healthy Start Initiative, and the Senior Care Program services. By joining our efforts as we create more collaborative ventures, you help further our vision for an improved quality of life for all Illinois residents to become a reality.

— Salim Al Nurridin, CEO
  • Salim Al Nurridin, Chief Executive Officer
  • Louanner Peters, Executive Director
  • Jason House, Chief Financial Officer
  • Aneshia Davis, Director, Billing
  • Annette Rice, Associate Director, Senior Care
  • Celeste Garcia, Director, Department of Community Health
  • Diane Rhodes, Manager, Facilities
  • Donella Braxton, Director, Executive Office/Intern Coordinator
  • Fajr Bland, Director, Business Planning & Operations
  • Gregory Dean Jr., Manager, Central Management Services
  • Gwendolyn Woodard, Director, Workforce Development Initiative
  • James Lyles, Director, Finance/Contracts
  • Lubertha Mercer, Director, Senior Care
  • Martina Jones, Director, Human Resources
  • Mayme Buckley, Director, External Affairs
  • Melanie L. Brown, Director, Communications


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