welcome to the healthcare consortium of illinois

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Our Core Values

FLEXIBILTY – We are willing to listen to, and share information with, others. We are receptive to new ideas and we trust and respect one another as individuals.

ACCOUNTABLITY – We hold ourselves accountable for our actions by taking ownership of and responsibility for what we do and their results. We learn from our mistakes. We are committed to being stewards of time and resources.

INNOVATION – We use progressive and creative approaches to solving problems and accomplishing goals.

INTEGRITY – We are uncompromising in our commitment to truth and honesty in all relationships. In all endeavors, we act in an ethical , honest and professional manner.

QUALITY – We strive to exceed the expectations through competence and teamwork. We seek to do it right the first time. We are courteous, considerate, responsive and we take pride in a professional level of service.


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